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Welcome to DJ Changster Music, where we got a lot of soul…

All for the funk and for the f#ck of it!!!


Wa gwan,

I provide music composing and production for all your needs!

From film, music, TV, video games, commercials and various other options, DJ Changster has got your back!

Customers purchase banging tunes and jams with fervor and zeal here as a result!

Most of all, I am DJ Changster, a musician based in Vancouver BC Canada.  I grew up on pop music, rock, and fell in love with hip hop and funk culture, & films.  I trained on the piano, keyboard, synth, drum machines and electronic music equipment by going to school for it.  Due to school and teaching myself, audio engineering, music production, & songwriting are skills.  An autodidact in regards to film and music, DJ Changster provides all necessary music services as a result.

DJ Changster is the funk copacetic music maker for all of you!

Holding my bboy stance, I have been repping hip hop culture since the start, creating melodies, harmonies, beats, and tunes for you!

film music, composers, scoring

film music, composers, scoring

Film Composers & Scores, Movie Music

In addition, Chang has a passion for film and the acoustic, tunes, melodies, and soul of the sounds of the instrumentals and beats, rhythms and poetry, singing and hip hop.

Consequently, my creativity and work ethic combined with being a film, movies and TV addict provided the skills and talents for music.

DJ Changster has the training and the skills to do it for real with mass appeal.

The Soundtrack

Changster provides film scoring with ease, skill and care.  Because of many instruments on my synth and access to bands and orchestras, we are able to create your music.  As a result, there is thorough production that is epic and intense through all sorts of feelings and moods.  The man will create the jingles that will mingle, the melodies for real Gs, tunes to take you to the moon, soundtracks to make your hands clap – a certified professional that got music for your ears, the movie score to bring it to life.

For film music and soundtracks, movie music, look no further than djchangster.com for all your films and TV shows.

Film scores and film composers are the bread and butter of yours truly here…

Make it groovy by hiring DJ Changster for your movies…

Contact us for the real deal!

Piano Player, Pianist, Keyboard and Synth Professional

Piano Player, Pianist, Keyboard and Synth Professional

Pianist Definition and Piano Player, Keyboard & Synth Professional

So I play the piano and synth.  Synths will provide full orchestra and electronic instruments therefore the emotion and feel is here for you.  Chang has songs that can be licensed while options to customize music for you are available.  We play synth yet work with whole bands necessary for your tracks.  Since you use my piano superpowers to light up your set and blow your mind, you got amazing beats.

got the coin for a music composer?

Dollars for music composers, play it again, Sam!

Music Composers Are Here

DJ Changster is one of the sure shot music composers.  Especially relevant capabilities, Chang will compose like the beauty of a rose with music that makes you choose it.  Therefore you have production for music, jingles, commercials, movies, video games, TV and various other projects.  Clients hire me because I got the jams to make you go bam.  Chang has the skills and the keyboards to make it happen as much as full orchestras and bands.

chocolate coin for music production

Music Production like a coin of chocolate, very nice!

Music Production

DJ Changster has the knowledge for your music production needs.  He handles the duties to organize the production of songs for you.  Furthermore, we provide the skills for the job with a personal and professional workmanship.  From theory to conclusion, customers buy production with ease.  I play piano, drums, percussion, & turntables for a thorough well groomed sound for you due to that.  Finally, my synths provide many instruments for the production of music extending soulful experiences.

Producer Extraordinaire

Also, Chang brings you the specific instrument specialists to enrich you fully on your bass, treble, rhythm, and melodies.  DJ Changster will bring you to the forefront due to our songs and jingles.  From guitars to guzhengs, we have the tasty zeal; I got the goods and the personnel because of talent.  Furthermore there are finished beats and tunes you can use along with the option for a custom creation.  I will compose the soul through your music with the copacetic authentic genuine, no frills and gimmicks.  The hip hop maniac and bboy brainiac will make your hands clap!

Contact me today for DJ Changster beats!

We got love, heart, soul, and essence to professionally handle your music production!

Percussion & Drums

Drumming up a rhythm

Percussion and Drums & Drummer

Mr. Rhythm & Poetry, I have the skills on the drums and percussion to make it rain.  I started with electronic drum machines and various kits and can translate it to live drums and percussion.  From hand drums to the classic rock set, my understanding of theory and love for music work your musical endeavors.  Melodies and tunes can be created and placated through the drums and percussion.  From tribal to modern, digital to analog, my skills will keep it real with mass appeal.  Most of all, access with ease by purchasing services at DJ Changster – I am the force to be reckoned with, Jedi of the super fly.  Customers can contact me regarding matters!!! 🙂


Psychedelic Hip Hop Beats

DJ Changster creates all the hip hop beats.  In addition to being orchestrated with professionalism, customers can utilize and buy the beats worldwide.  Buy your hip hop beats from DJ Changster in conclusion.

Video Game Music, Comic Book, Fan Art Cover for Black Panther by Just Jun.

Video Game Music, Ad & Commercial Jingles

Clients can license and buy video game music & custom music services from DJ Changster due to qualifications.  Clients can contact Chang directly through the website because of music for a variety of devices and software.  Also, DJ Changster can create music for your apps, software programs, websites, social networks, ads and any other new media creations.