Music Lessons


My goal is to spark the rock superstar, the music god, the legendary piano player, the drummer, the hip hop artist, the studio legend within you.

Music is life and everyday our heart beats a rhythm that we live by.

Let me show you the science and mathematics of music.

It’s within us and there may be a prodigy within your circle or even you yourself.

All the respected musicians are just people like you and me and I am here to spark the talent that you may possess and teach you and open the gift.

Age or any other category of any human being is not an issue.

Sixto Rodriguez did not make a name for himself till approximately 40 years after writing and recording his music.

There are children as young as 6 whom play with huge orchestras.

The legendary Stevie Wonder is blind and is one of the world’s greatest musicians and singers and quite a piano player too.

The first step is your own passion and love and hard work.

You will soon realize the concept is simple but it’s actually hard work.

I teach music theory, music history, songwriting, piano & keyboard, drums, and audio engineering and music production (studio sessions).



Music Lessons For Children

The rule I would give, as all children are different, is that they are at least the age of 6 and had some schooling where they can talk and communicate.

I will definitely try to teach children younger, however, the issue is understanding music theory, which requires verbal communication and understanding


General Music Lesson Plans

The plans are simple.

I come to your location/home.

We setup a time simple for both of us.

All that is required is a small board (chalk or other) for which I can write on and teach.

The student should have a keyboard or piano.

There are many free pianos being given away on craigslist however the piano may need to be professionally tuned.

Any electronic keyboard is sufficient.

A notebook or a computer to take notes shall be required.

Everything is planned according to each individuals progress.

A set of drums may be needed if you want to add that to the lesson plans.


 Music Lessons for Kids, Private music lessons

I do allow groups of kids and the maximum recommended is 5 at most, so I can more properly teach them all at the same time.

If you have friends and family who want to learn, you can group together and split the rate and bill.

It’s a suggestion if you want to take it up.


Music Theory Lesson

The lessons are centered around theory from which applied, any instrument is easily learned and added to any repertoire.

It is the science and mathematics of music and will guide the understanding of playing the piano and composing music.

With this drums and any other instrument is easily added.


Encore Music Lessons

Once learned, one can easily write their own songs and create their own pieces of music.


Piano Lessons, Jazz Piano Lessons, Easy Piano Lessons

Learn to play the ivory keys with excellent progress.

I will design a lesson plan according to your specifications to fit you.


Piano Lessons for kids, Adult Piano Lessons

Younger or older, we can always learn something new and my program will be for your yearn to learn the piano.


Drums and Percussion, Rhythm

If you would like, we can add drum lessons as well as learning other drums.


Vancouver Music Lessons, Vancouver BC Canada

We are based in Vancouver and service the local surrounding areas.


How Much Are Piano Lessons?

How Much Are Music Lessons?

I charge $50 per hour, plus a travel fee depending on the distance and time it takes to go to your home for the lessons.

I accept credit card or cash.

Credit Card is accepted through Square and there is a 3% charge on top for Square’s fees.

I recommend the classes be 1.5 hours each.




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