Vancouver based DJ, DJ Changster provides DJ services for Vancouver and the surrounding area, as well as Canada.

The skills and talent, relevant music for all your party deejay needs is right here for you because of Changster DJ.

He also provides relevant wedding DJ talents for Vancouver and can provide music and deejaying for Vancouver and the surrounding areas, and even on Whistler and Vancouver Island and further areas in BC.

 Enjoy this exclusive, hot, free, mashup/remix made by DJ Changster!  Click download, and enter any amount, $0 and up, and then enter your email and a download link for the song will be delivered!


DJ Chang has worked with many Vancouver wedding venues and other cities and communities in BC Canada.

One of the premier Vancouver wedding DJs with all the funky jams for you and your shining invigorated shindigs because it is what is needed and wanted!

DJ Chang has worked with numerous wedding receptions providing entertainment.  He also has a crew of other performers and services such as breakdancers, capoeira, samba dancers, videography, photography, photobooths, and music, bartenders.  We also have a vast network so contact us and let’s get to planning for your wedding.   A perfect choice for your extravagant event and you can fuse together the entertainment for some platinum and diamond show.  You can also visit our other sites in the network at and!

Are You Wondering The Wedding DJ Cost & Prices…?

Please contact us for a quote for your wedding as each event has different wants and needs to fulfill.

DJ Chang is the disc jockey for all your weddings and you and we give you a VIP rate, giving you value because you are awesome.

 Good News!  Enjoy this exclusive and free remix/mashup by DJ Changster!  It is hot and funky.  To download, click download, and then enter any amount you’d like to pay $0 and up, then enter your email and the song is yours!  Awesome Shining!


The King of DJ in Vancouver BC Canada…?

Plush services with DJ Chang and his experienced mindblowing crew of performers and professional crew of event staff.

An awesome choice for Bar Mitzfahs & Quinceanaras, Sweet 16 Parties, School Dances and other parties and events.

Simply give us a ring and contact us now for your party.

If you need someone to handle the music while you dance and get down, no need to look further!


DJ Changster For Your Vancouver Pubs, Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Venues!!!!

Need a DJ or other weekly entertainment for your spot?

DJ Changster is an excellent DJ with some awesome tunes for your spot and will provide the elegance and atmosphere and an excellent way to give back to your customers.

It gives your location the class and service that will delight your customers!

For Festivals and Other?

DJ Changster has helped out and rocked the decks at a variety of events and can help at your first class party or fundraiser or anything in between.  From Canada Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Years, we got the party popping with the DJ in the mix rocking.



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